Tiny's Guide Services

I won't spend a lot of time blowing smoke up your dress/shorts. If you want to know how well my trips turn out then it's easy to find out as I post the photos daily instead of like all other guide services. You can see what actually happens every day when I go out by clicking on Catfishing Photos here or on the left side menu. All other guide services just post photos of their big fish but by seeing what we catch daily you get a more accurate view of what actually happens on all my trips.

The Boat is a 2070 Super-Jon 60 HP motor, 30 gallon commercial bait tank for plenty of bait storage. The boat is a catfishing boat and has two comfortable seats mounted on the deck and two seats mounted on the back deck, as well as seating in front and behind the center console with plenty of room to move around. 10 Attwoods and Attwoods/Roberts rod holders. Autopilot/Co-pilot 55 LB thrust trolling motor and bow and aft electric anchor winches. State of the art electronics.

Rods and Reels. I use 7' uglystick catfish rods and ABU 6000 and ABU 7000 reels. The reels are spooled with 30lb test line.

Fish Cleaning: FISH CLEANING IS FREE! I fillet the fish and package the fillets in gallon freezer bags. The fillets will have to be washed and prepared for the freezer when you get them home. If you're planning on taking fish home be sure to bring a container to carry the fillets in. A large ice chest with ice is preferable. That will insure that your fish fillets will remain fresh until you get them home.

Fees are $375.00 per trip for 6 hours of fishing, I can take up to 4 people.

What you'll need is a current Oklahoma Fishing License which you can get at www.wildlifedepartment.com Lots of water and/or refreshments and any food items and medications you'll need. I'll have a large ice chest you can put stuff in and you can bring your own on the boat as well, You'll also need a cooler with plenty of room to put your catfish fillets in. You might bring yourself a camera and dress according to conditions. If it's a little bit cold out on dry land it'll be much colder out on the lake so you need to dress a lot warmer for when you're out on the lake.

Here's a few photos of how the boat is equipped.