Trip bookings taken now will be Night trips from July 1st to mid September but right now the temp weather. You may book after Mid Septermber but those will all be daytime trips.

Bear Creek Cabins on Kaw Lake: 580-984-9072, Tell um Tiny sent ya.

  • Use Email form to Book a Catfishing Trip
    Your booking isn't finalized and won't show up on this page until the deposit has been paid and I check my email. I don't book trips from May 15 to July 1st due to the spawn. The bluecat is a migratory spawner and usually always leaves the lake by the third week of May

    Booked Dates:

    Oct 29, 2016, Saturday, Simmons
    Nov 04, 2016, Friday, Ashley
    Nov 11, 2016, Friday, Woodson
    Nov 12, 2016, Saturday, Rice
    Nov 13, 2016, Sunday, Rice
    Nov 14, 2016, Monday, Beasland
    Dec 03, 2016, Saturday,Cooper
    Dec 10, 2016, Saturday,Dixon
    Mar 25, 2017, Saturday, Hughbanks
    Apr 22, 2017, Saturday, Hughbanks

Here's a link to Kaw Lake camp site and information Kaw Lake Camping Infomation

Catfishing Photos

The procedure for booking a trip is pretty simple. First, figure out a day you want and look on the list above on booked dates (those are dates that are already spoken for above) and see if the day you want to go is available. If a date is already listed above then that date is not available for booking. Once you've figured out what day you want, give me a call or email and let me know what day you want. All I need is your name, Phone number where you can be reached the day before the trip  and the date you want and then the $75 booking fee. If there's a problem with the date or something I'll call you back or email you back and let you know. When your booking is finalized it'll show up on the list of booked dates as your's. (it doesn't do any good to give me a phone number that you won't be at the day before your trip ... like your work number or if you plan on being at the lake the day before then it's best to give me a cell phone number so that I can know for sure that you're going to be there and so that you'll know what time to meet me)

To find out what you'll need to bring with you on your fishing trip go to Services Page for more information.

To reserve a date in advance email me, catfishingtiny@wildblue.net
cell phone at (91
8)729-9028 for information.

If I were you I'd not reserve a hotel room until the last minute as there are plenty of hotel/motels around that'll have rooms available at the last minute. Ponca City, for instance, has probably 20 hotels on the main stretch down 14th street and I'm sure there's others as well. I'd do it that way because you can't predict the weather that far out and there may be complications that put your trip on hold at the last minute and you wouldn't get a refund on your hotel room that you booked way too far in advance.

Tim Smith
52388 w 148th St. South
Drumright, OK 74030

6 Hours of Fishing

$275.00 per trip up to 4 total 0n Kaw  trip price is for 1 to 4 persons, 4 person maximum per trip.  That's the total fee ... in some cases if you live near me you and your friends will be able to ride to the lake with me saving yourself driving expense as I have a 4 door club cab pickup.

$75.00 Deposit required for all new bookings.
Use Paypal to pay the $75.00 deposit by clicking the "Pay Now" button below


 Maximum is 4 people/trip, 5 if you're counting the boat captain.