Drifting DropperLoop/SplitShot Rig

Using this drift fishing rig is similar to the bottom float rig but when you use split shots instead of a regular bank sinker it allows for the sinkers to get hung up and instead of losing the rig the sinkers will just slip off the end of the line. The float will help keep the bait up off bottom even if you've let the line out a long ways like 100 yds or so where a normal dropper rig like this without the float would just drag the bait through the mud. You'll want to use the appropriate amount of splitshot weight according to the speed in which you'll be drifting. Like if you're going to drift pretty fast you'll want to have at least 3oz of weight but if you're going to be drifting at .1 to .2 mph then you can get by with just 1oz to 1.5oz of weight. When you go purchase your splitshots get as big as you can get .. at least 1/4oz if you can find them. 3/8ths to 1/2 oz would be better. that way you wouldn't have to add a whole bunch of weights to the end of this drop rig. If this rig gets hung up on the sinkers the sinkers will just slip off and all you have to do is attach more splitshots to the end of the sinker drop. You can also attach a float to the hook's dropper loop instead of having it attached to the mainline between the swivel and dropper loop. Sometimes it works best like that and other times this rig works best the standard bottom float rig style like in the photo below.

Here's a diagram of this rig below.