Contemplating Strategies

I recently got to thinking about how my strategies change after analyzing a previous fishing trip. Through communication with everyone about the fishing trip I think about things I could have done differently and thought about how I've altered my strategies in the past through the same means. I'll try to convey this so it doesn't sound like a bunch of mindless ramblings as I think it's pretty important when a person fishes as much as I do or even to those that don't get the chance to fish but a few times per year. Analyzing my fishing trips is an important factor in how I approach things in the future and since I've had lengthy conversations about things or scenarios by writing on message boards about it and conversing back and forth I don't ever forget these new strategies when a similar scenario comes about. Sort of like De Ja Vu and then go ahead and try the methods I'd thought about after the trip in question.

Recently I went fishing and didn't really find any schools of fish other than some fish that were surfacing and we found them due to birds diving on an area. As some of you know that is one of the things or even the first thing I look for when I go fishing. I look for birds feeding in an area to locate fish or help locate catfish. Recently however, I have been hybrid fishing and the trip I'm talking about was the most recent trip to Sooner Lake in northern Oklahoma. My cousin and I graphed a lot of the lake but never found any good schools of fish when we seen the birds and moved over to where they were and started using artificial baits, Pop-R and Rattle Trap, to catch these smaller hybrids. We caught those smaller hybrids until we were bored with it and then without thinking about it moved out of that cove and on to search deeper water again. Now here's where the contemplation comes in after I'm home and talking with my friends about the trip. I felt after talking about it that I should have checked the deeper water in that cove for the larger fish as they may have been close by. Now if confronted with the same situation I'd remember to check for the larger fish just outside where those smaller fish were. I didn't do that that day and didn't even think about doing it. I won't have a problem thinking about doing it the next time because I'll remember due to all the conversation and writing about it.

This also brings to mind a tip that I have already written about, we were also going to do some catfishing at sooner because there's a lot of large bluecat and flathead in the lake. One of my main techniques is to get on the downwind side of feeding birds to search for catfish and now that I think about it after the fact I could have pulled up in the cove, downwind side of the birds and probably found a lot of feeding catfish in the area. That was our original plan was to go catfishing in the first place but then got sidetracked fishing for hybrids. That could have turned out to be a really big catfishing day had I had my head in the right place.

I also had a recent trip to Lake Carl Blackwell in which we wasted all our shad trying to catch scattered fish and when we located a massive school of fish we'd already used all but 10 of our baits. We caught 7 fish in just about 15 to 20 minutes on those 10 shad we had left so we thought we'd go try to catch some more bait. Now here's where the contemplation comes in on this trip. Well after I've started home or had gotten home I remembered that I had some deep diving crank baits and the school of fish was only 12 ft deep. We could have probably caught a bunch of fish on crank baits. It was way too late to do it when I thought about it. But, I don't think I'll overlook this simple deal again because of my writing about my thoughts on it.

This is how I've improved a lot of my catfishing techniques is through this same kind of contemplation and I tend to over-analyze things but sometimes it helps out a lot on future fishing trips. So I thought others might be able to do this as well if they're not already doing it. If you want to improve your fishing then this might help you as well. Think about your fishing trip and talk about things that may have improved your fishing trip or think about them and write your thoughts down. About all the unique tips and things I've written about have come from this very thing, Analyzing, Contemplating, Writing and Conversing.