Balloon/Wind deployed fishing rig

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This rig allows you to use the wind to deliver your bait to places you can't reach by casting ... This requires the wind to be blowing in the proper direction. As shown in the photo below you will see the life saver candy which is used to hold the bait and weight up and also adds to the speed of the baited line with two balloons. You can rig this setup up so that you don't lose the second balloon also by running the drop line through a swivel and then attaching it to the knot in the balloon so that when the candy disolves the bait will drop and the line will slide through the swivel. Using mint flavored Lifesavers it takes about 15 minutes for the candy to disolve and drop the bait. Using the hard candy type it takes about 20 minutes for it to disolve so if you need it to be delivered longer you'll want to use the assorted pack ... like if the wind isn't very strong and you may need the bait to stay up longer. You can also use a 4 ft drop so that if a boat comes between the balloon and your rod it'll go right over without tangling their prop in your mainline. You can attach the Lifesaver candy to the line using rubber bands also. That's probably the best way, just put the band through the lifesaver and then flip one end over the candy to form a loop then run the line through the end of the loop or through a swivel on the mainline. Good Fishing

I got this tip from a fishin buddy, Ron Toews (Sooner Lake Fisherman)