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Tiny's Guide Service. Guided Catfishing trips on Kaw or Keystone. The Guarantee applies to Kaw lake only.

If the weather is cool enough like low 90's and a breeze I can go out for a regular daytime trip but if not it'll have to be night trips now, Rates will also change to a special rate of $275 for 4 persons July 1st to mid September when the weather cools enough that I can start my day trips again. My rates will remain the same unless the economy improves which means fuel prices go back up to where Oklahoma oil fields pick back up but until then I'll try to keep my rates low. All bookings booked after Dec 31, 2016 will be $375 per trip as I've been operating in the red this fall and can't continue to pay out more than I'm bringing in.  Please don't bring Sunflower Seeds or Bananas on your trip. Thanks

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Phone: 918-729-9028

You're guaranteed to catch 50 lbs of fish per trip or 15 bites, on my guided catfishing trips to Kaw lake.. the Guarantee doesnt apply to Keystone. Be sure to read the Guarantee for full details. 50 lbs of fish or 15 bites Per trip, not per person, whichever comes first. That doesn't mean a 50 lb'r or 50 lbs of fillets. It means 50 lbs of live fish such as 5 ten pound fish or 10 five pounders.  I had to amend my guarantee to the 15 bites because of people starting to take advantage of me by trying to shake fish off or not follow instructions. These guys would pull hard on the fish then let them coast a ways giving them lots of slack or they'd keep setting the hook trying to miss fish on circle hooks and only catch about 35 or 40 lbs of fish so they wouldn't have to pay for the trip. This is why I had to quit advertising my guarantee but decided I'd go ahead and let everyone know they're still protected by the guarantee. It's a good deal and those few that made me quit advertising it shouldn't make me not let folks know about it. If I suspect they're trying to rip me off then they won't be covered by the guarantee like this one trip these guys kept setting the hook and then I changed all the hooks out to kahle hooks and then they quit setting the hook. It was obvious what they were trying to do so I said you can quit trying to miss fish because there's a 15 bite clause in that guarantee if you'd have read it. This guarantee is to insure that you will be put on fish and that's what I feel all guides should do is offer a guarantee such as this so that on those occasions that the fish can't be caught then they shouldn't have to pay for no results instead of hearing ... well that's why they call it fishing and not catching. A guide should be able to put people on active fish any day of the week no matter what the conditions are that they're faced with .. if they can't then they shouldn't be paid. This guarantee doesn't cover my expenses though. If I can't get you 50 lbs of fish or 15 bites the expenses still have to be covered by the client as I feel that that's fair because on those tough days I have to work so much harder to locate active fish and shouldn't have to end up paying the expenses after working that hard. Expenses are from $75 to as much as $150 depending on which lake we've gone to. Average total expenses per trip per year runs close to $250 counting equipment loss or damage, wear and tear and so on. This total expense fee isn't to be worried about .. the expense fee is to cover daily expenses such as gas and what not, only. I'm also going back to my original fees for the rest of 2015 .. Kaw trips are $275. Ever since I quit advertising my guarantee I've only had 2 trips that didn't meet the guarantee and they weren't charged for the trip even though they thought that the guarantee wasn't in effect.  Here you'll see an accurate view of how all my trips are by clicking on Catfishing Photos and then click on the dates on the left menu.

Kaw lake has a very healthy population of fish and will give me the opportunity to show you the best time that can be had in Oklahoma catfish fishing. Also, to try to help keep this lake from being over-fished we need to practice a little conservation and allow those bigger ones to keep reproducing as the smaller ones aren't successful at rearing young. Anything over 15 lbs will be released but this will also allow you to catch a lot bigger fish as I can look for big fish all the time instead of just stopping wherever I see fish and fishing.


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Tiny's Guide Service offers Learning trips!! which isn't much different than a regular catfishing trip. The only thing that is different is that I'll be showing you how to do everything for yourself, such as, Locating fish, tying rigs, finding bait, reading a fish finder, and I can even teach you how to throw a giant castnet like a pro in just a few minutes. Basically what you can learn on these trips is just about everything you'd want to know about catfishing. It's sometimes a good idea to write down any questions or things you want to learn before you come out so that we can go over the items one at a time. Most of my clients that's been out with me on these learning trips have become very good at catfishing. Another great thing about these learning trips is that they don't cost any more than the regular catfishing trips.

If  you would like to book a fishing trip, give me a call at cell #(918)729-9028 email me at

6 Hours of Fishing

$275.00 per trip up to 4 total 0n Kaw  trip price is for 1 to 4 persons, 4 person maximum per trip.  That's the total fee ... in some cases if you live near me you and your friends will be able to ride to the lake with me saving yourself driving expense as I have a 4 door club cab pickup.

No personal checks! Please make arrangements in advance to have Cash, Money order, or Cashiers check for the remainder of what's owed after the deposit is deducted. Thanks.


$75.00 Deposit required for all new bookings.
Use Paypal to pay the $75.00 deposit by clicking the "Pay Now" button below


Maximum is 4 people/trip, 5 if you're counting the boat captain.

Additional Information

6 hours of fishing usually takes pretty much all day to complete as I don't count boating or bait catching time as part of the 6 hours fishing time.
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